Way of upgrading JioFi Firmware

There are a lot of JioFi owners, who don’t know how to upgrade their device. This article would describe you easy method, which provides you to do it.

JioFi access point was developed by Reliance Jio. This device provides you to use high speed 4G Internet connection on 31 devices at the same time. If you are one of people, who are searching for good quality of wireless connection, you should buy one of Jio devices. It doesn’t cost a lot and you can find it on the most popular online shops.

Why you should do it?

There are a lot of people around the world complain on bad Internet connection. It can be caused because of huge number of people use Jio connection at the same time.

Reliance Jio is famous company, so they don’t want to lose their users because of some network problems. The latest firmware version owners to solve problem mentioned above. Moreover, it fixes other bugs, which can be network connection problems reason.

If you don’t have the latest firmware version and you don’t know how to update it, this article would help you to solve this problem.

Firmware Upgrading Guide

Firstly, you should find the latest firmware version. You can find it in jiofi.local.html administration panel. To enter in it, you should know jiofi.local.html login and password. If you didn’t change them, they should be “administrator”. After login, you could see information about firmware in special tab.

Preparations to updating

If you want update your firmware version, you must be sure your device is charged and your firmware version must be old. You should have your jiofi.local.html login and password.

Actions to update firmware

  1. Enable your JioFi wireless network and connect your personal computer or smartphone to it.
  2. Get on jiofi.local.html configuration page. Now you should login to configuration page. Read about this you can in this article.
  3. Now, you should find firmware section.
  4. Here you could see backup button. Click on it and then return.
  5. Find “Firmware Upgrade” in Settings Tab.
  6. Choose the latest version.
  7. Don’t forget to click button, which provides you to save all made changes. After this, device will be rebooted.
  8. Well done! You updated your JioFi firmware.


If you want have use your device right, you should always update its firmware version. Regularly updating will help your device’s performance better and duration of life, so you don’t need to buy new device every year.

Don’t forget that current firmware will be outdated after some time.