Usage of Jiofi.local.html

Jiofi.local.html is address that redirects you to address, which is used in the most of modern home wireless routers. You can use this address only if you are owner of JioFi device, but jioFi dongles use different you address (jiofidongel.local.html). Text below would share with you main knowledge about jiofi.local.html login, so you won’t need advanced users help in future. Read this article very read carefully.

What we know about Jiofi.Local.html?

As was told above jiofi.local.html is address which provides you to enter in wireless router’s administration panel if your device is connected to wireless network. If your device isn’t connected to wireless network, you will get on error page, where you can see message about unavailability of the site. You can use IP address too.

Jiofi.local.html login

  1. Firstly, you should make sure that your device is connected to the network.
  2. Enter JioFi router’s address in web-browser’s URL bar. You can type it manually or use copy and paste method.
  3. Here will appear Jiofi.local.html login window with field in which you should enter username and password (“administrator” as default).Moreover, you can read article about JioFiDongle.Local.Html configuration.

JioFi password changing

Password changing process isn’t very difficult process. Moreover, you can change other configuration of your wireless network and JioFi device. To do it, you should follow this guide:

When you get in administration panel, you should find Wi-Fi settings tab, where you can change username and password of your device.

What if you forget your router’s credentials?

If it’s not your first time login in home wireless administration panel, maybe password and username are already changed, so maybe you forgot them. What you can do in this case? You should do some not difficult actions to solve this problem. Just reset your router and follow Jiofi.local.html login instruction again.