JioFi router FAQ

Reliance JIO told about the possibility of usage 4G connection and calls + SMS. It was previewed in India. Nowadays, you can use these possibilities only on JioFi devices and LyF mobiles, but in future there will be more devices with high speed Internet connection and communication functions.

Until there wasn’t JioFI devices on electrical technology market, people don’t imagine that they can get access to high speed Internet connection if you are outside your home network. There are about 11 devices can use this Internet connection at the same time (10 through wireless connection and 1 through USB). The newest models can share connection with more than 11 devices.

A lot of people around the world use JioFi devices, so some beginners can have questions. This FAQ page was made specially for them. There are the most popular questions about JioFi devices and their usage.

JioFi devices FAQ

Question: What we should know about JioFi?

It is portable access point device, which provides you to use high speed 4G Internet connection.

Question: How many customers must pay for it?

JioFi start price for the cheapest bundle is about 2000 Rs.

Question: Where customers can find and buy JioFi?

JioFi portable access point device can be bought in online shops and official manufacturer’s stores.

Question: What is included in JioFi started kit?

Started kit includes JioFi device, software for it, 25GB storage data and unlimited access to some services, which provides you communication.

Question: Where customers can get special SIM?

To get JioFi SIM card, you should proof specified personal information in official manufacturer’s store.

Question: How much time activation takes?

There are about 15 minutes to activate your JioFi SIM card.

Question: What number of devices can be connected to JioFi device at the same time?

31 devices can be connected to wireless network, but better if number of devices not more than 10.

Question: Is the USB connection available?

Yes, JioFi router has special USB port on its body.

Question: For what there are some lights on device?

Every light is special indicator, which provides owners, to know all about router’s status.

Question: Can devices, which don’t support 4G connection, be connected to network?

Yes, you can use high speed Internet connection on devices, which don’t support it.

Question: What about JioFi router’s battery?

JioFi device has 2300mAh capacity battery.

Question: How long customers can use JioFi without charging?

It can be used for 6 hours without charging.

Question: How much time should you spend on recharging router?

You should spend about 3 hours until device isn’t full charged.

Question: How it enables?

Just put battery in router and turn it on. Then connect to wireless network using personal computer, smartphone, laptop, etc. To do it, you should know jiofi.local.html login and password, which can be found backside of router’s body.

Question: How customers can call to someone using JioFI?

To do it, you should use special application. It’s called “Jio4GVoice”. To do it, you device must be connected to wireless network.

Question: How configurations of router can be changed?

It can be done with help of administration panel. Use jiofi.local.html or address and default credentials to enter in it.

Question: “I don’t know how to enter in router’s administration panel”

You must be connected to your wireless network. Launch your favorite web browser and type JioFi address in URL bar. Then enter jiofi.local.html login and password.

Question: How customer can change password?

It can be done in Settings tab of administration panel. Here should be one more tab with name “WiFi”. Then type new password in security key field. Save changes.

Question: How allow and disallow devices with help of MAC address?

Firstly, get on administration panel and find Network tab in Settings. Enable mac address filter and configure filter mode as you want. Don’t forget to save all done changes.


In text above you can read the most popular questions and answers on them. Maybe, there aren’t all questions, so you can change situation. Just write us your question in comments field below.