After reading text below, you will be able to set up your JioFi dongle device using jiofidongle.local.html. Dongle is cheap 4G device, with which help of you can use high-speed Internet connection any longer. Speaking much detail, there are a lot of advantages of JioFi dongle. You can’t use 3G Internet connection using this device. There are about 10 devices can be connected to Dongle’s wireless network. You can use high-speed Internet connection through Dongle only with Jio SIM.

There are few actions, that you should do after buying this device. You should pull batter from Dongle device and find label with default SSID and jiofidongle.local.html login and password of your JioFi device. Don’t forget about returning battery and closing cover! Now, let’s get some information about setting up your dongle device.

JioDongle.Local.Html Login

First Step: Enable JioFi Dongle. Then you should turn on your device and find your wireless network in network list. Click “Connect” button and enter default password, which you’ve already noted. After that, you device is connected to WiFi network.

Second Step: Open web-browser you prefer and enter jiofidongle.local.html address in browser’s URL bar. If you use other JioFi devices, you should type jiofi.local.html.

Third Step: There will be Login button on top-right side of the scree. Then you should type credentials specified field. Default jiofidongle.local.html login and password are “administrator”. They can be changed through configuration page if you want it.

How to filter MAC Address on JioFi Dongle

When you get in configuration panel of your device, you can enable MAC address. Find Settings tab and then on Network. Here you can enable MAC address filter. Don’t forget to save all done changes.

Other configurations

  • You can configure setting of your device
  • Change password and network name of your wireless network.
  • Change security type of your network.
  • Choose type of encryption and channel mode.
  • Don’t forget about Apple button, which provides you to save all changes you done.

JioFi device storage

This section would show you how to share files on your SD card through wireless network. First step is opening your device’s backside panel. Remove batter and put your memory card in special socket. Insert battery and close backside panel.

Here is way of turning on your storage account:

  1. Firstly, get in Storage tab (Settings -> Storage) through left part of administration panel.
  2. Here you can turn on of turn off your storage account.
  3. Type your jiofidongle.local.html login and password.
  4. It’s necessary to save all changed settings by clicking on Apply button.
  5. Enter jiofi.local.html/sd-login.html in browser’s URL bar to get on page with your files.
  6. Enter credentials.
  7. Finally, you can use all files, which are on your SD card and share new files too.

All configurations related to JioFi device and your wireless network can be done in administration panel. It’s important to know how to enter in it. If you forget jiofidongle.local.html login or password, you could reset your device. Press and hold Reset button for about half a minute. After this action has done, all setting will be returned to factory defaults.