All Details About Jio DTH for New Users

The Jio DTH or, in other words, direct-to-home television is the satellite television in India. DTH service is made by Reliance Jio group. Jio offers the cheapest and high-quality mobile services in the country. Jio DTH plans, a great amount of offers, prices, online registration, updates, news, options for adding funds to your account, booking and much more available information our clients can find here from the Jio Desk.

First meeting

Dish TV service helps ordinary users to access TV channels by using a simple system. Only a satellite dish is required for physical connection to the system. The system is based on receiving signals from satellites and converting these signals into TV channels by using set top box. The Jio dish allows one client to connect an unlimited number of participants. Jio group is different from its competitors in that it analyzes the market and improves the quality of its services, and reduces prices, so that television can be available to everyone in India.

Booking and first registration

If you want to connect to DTH, you must have special devices. To get a satellite dish and set top box, the user must register or book online. If it is not possible, the special Jio DTH Dealers will distribute the necessary devices for using. In addition, the kit will include an adapter and remote control. Installation fee when purchased from a dealer costs a nominal fee or free of charge.

Receiver and antenna

The satellite dish and receiver look the same as other similar models. However, Jio has advantages over its competitors. Jio DTH price is the lowest on the market. The Jio antenna stands on three legs, which adds stability and allows it to be placed on a flat surface. A set top box or a receiver is a small box that is convenient to put next to the TV and control using the remote control that delivers with the complete set. Set top box has some features:

  • USB. The user has an opportunity to connect the external device by using USB port to watch films and listen to music via TV
  • HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) for connecting with Android boxes
  • Wi-Fi
  • LAN for broadband network by using ethernet port

Cost of connection per month and plans

For the first users who connect and buy a set-top box from Jio, the company offers the clients all plans from 3 to 6 months for free. After that, having tried all the features of Jio TV broadcasting, the user can choose a plan that is convenient for them and pay according to the selected plan. There is a plan for 1, 3, 6 and 12 months. Depending on how long the client takes the plan, the cost will depend. The longer the term, the lower the cost.

What channels can I watch?

Any channels, small or large, about sports, technology, news, telemarkets, for children, about animals, entertainment and many others are available on Jio DTH. Besides, there are lots of languages. For example, English, Hindi, Tamil and many other languages. The entire list of channels and more detailed information is available on the Jio DTH official website.

Overall result.

Jio group is a new provider in India. Jio DTH occupies a stable position in the telecommunications world. Cheap is not always bad, cheap is availability and quality regardless of the price.