When Jio 5G will come?

There are 2G, 3G and 4G Internet connection standards are available in India, so it’s time to provide 5G. Predictions say that it should come on commercial market of India in 2020. Jio 5G will be ready much earlier.

Jio 5G features:

  •  5G is next gen device, so its owners will be able to surf the Internet on higher speed connection than if they use previous generations devices.
  • Several devices can be connected to the network at the same time without losing speed, which will reach GB/s and more.
  • In the future, it will be used to connect all smart house devices between each other.


Not only government will help to provide 5G in India. Some telecom services take part in Indian technology evolution. Tata Teleservices, TejasNetworks are partners of Reliance Jio, but small companies also help in development.


Researchers have already filed 100 patent applications. At this moment, some of them were granted. Indian industry will huge benefit from owning many patents as said Kiran Kuchi, Professor of IIT.


Moreover, there will be developed advanced simulators and special IPs, that is necessary for 5G standard apply. Indigenous IP will help to increase Indian trade power. India could receive royalties for being a patent owner.

5G is very demanded technology, so there are a lot of competitors on telecom market, who want be 5G providers too. The most famous of them are Ericsson, Orange, Verizon, Google, Samsung. Some of them have already started to develop and testing their 5G technologies. Indian government will open test-bed for testing 5G and ready to help developers and researchers in their work.


Jio 5G in something new and revolutionary in telecom service market, so we hope it will take the place of the 5G niche with the help of its high-quality tech developments and high performance.

Telecom Secretary Aruna Sundararajan said that Jio 5G roadmap will be ready in June.


Here is all what you should know about providing 5G connection standard in India. After this next generation technology will come in country, other IT sectors will grow too. As was mentioned above, 5G technology will help with smart house devices connection.