What do you get when you buy a JioFi router?

Nowadays, Reliance Jio provides people not only telecom service, but 4G wireless routers too. If you want get Internet access from your pocket device, you could get it using JioFi network. When you buy JioFi router, you don’t need to think about buying SIM card, because it’s included in bundle. Device provides you to connect mobile phones, which don’t support 4G.

There are about 31 devices can be connected to JioFi router, but better if number of devices will not exceed 10.

Jio device can be charged using any device with USB port. It can be enabled and work about 6 hours without charge.

Other features:

  • High speed 4G Internet Connection with 150 Mbps download speed and 50 Mbps upload speed.
  • Available Jio4GVoice application, which provides you to do voice calls without loss of quality.
  • You can use 4G functions on devices, which support only 3G or 2G.
  • 32 devices can be connected at the same time, but manufacturers recommend customers connect 10 devices.
  • Ability of sharing high speed Internet Connection to devices, which are in router’s coverage area.
  • Powerful battery, which provides customers use router without charge for 5-6 hours (2300mAh) or 7-8 hours (2600mAh).

How much it costs?

Here you can see 2 the most popular JioFi router models and their prices:

JioFi JMR540 – 1999 Rs

JioFi M2S – 999 Rs

What I should have to get Jio SIM card?

Every JioFi router purchaser get SIM card in bundle, but this card isn’t activated.

The fastest activation method is Jio eKYC SIM activation, but you should have Aadhar Card. If you don’t have it, find the nearest Jio store or retailer’s store with identity document and passport sized photos.

Prime membership costs 99 Rs, but this price in included in JioFi router price. If you want use JIoFi services, you should pay this price regularly.

Way of activating JioFi SIM

If you used E-KYC activation method, your Aadhaar Card must have the same mailing address as state, where you bought your JioFi SIM card.

Otherwise, you should use second method, which takes one day to activate your card.

After you Sim is activated, you will get notification message on your mobile phone. Here you could see your mobile phone number. Use it for tele-verification.

Just follow steps below:

  1. Firstly, call on 1800-890-1977. Do it using already activated mobile phone number.
  2. You will be asked to tell your Reliance Jio number, which you already saw in received message.
  3. Enter last 4 identify document’s ID digits.
  4. Well done! You activated 4G data service and able to use it.

Now, you can do HD voice calls or surf the Internet on high speed, but firstly you should connect your device to JioFi network. Find SSID of network in list and connect to it using credentials.

Available JioFi Tariff plans

Every customer, which bought JioFi device with SIM card, can use different tariff plans. At this moment there aren’t some tariff plans for JioFi.