How to use JioFi Voice Calls function

Free voice calling function sounds great, because everyone like free functions. Reliance Jio provides you to call everyone you want through their devices.

The main problem of using JioFi is that you can get access to JioFi network only using 4G device. For people, who use 3G devices, Reliance Jio made router, which supports 3G

Every JioFi router owner can call to someone through it. If you don’t know how it can be done, read text below.

What do we know about Reliance Jio?

If you don’t know what is Jio, you aren’t modern civilian. There are a lot of people around the world use Jio devices in their houses. That’s because of low cost for high quality and good functional. Every happy customer rates Jio on special websites or on online stores.

There are a lot of different offers, when you can get free Internet connection or services access from Reliance Jio.

You need to launch My Jio App and scan barcode, which can be found in device’s documents box. If you live in India, you will get 1Gb of 4G Internet access every day.

Sharing Internet through JioFi routers

Reliance Jio was developed special device, which provides owners share Internet connection to devices in wireless router signal coverage area. This device isn’t very huge and you can take it with you. Moreover, you can use it on devices, which don’t support 4G Internet connection. That’s big advantage over SIM cards. Moreover, you can connect your personal computer or laptop.

Some customers send messages to technician support about Internet connection problems. It can be caused by different reasons, but we recommend you to read article about JioFi home wireless router update. Most of the issues are caused by outdate firmware, so better to try update your firmware first.

Way of doing Voice Calls

JioFi router is great device to share Internet connection to your devices, but you can also use it for voice calls. Here you can see step-by-step instruction how to do these calls using your JioFi device. Just do all actions.

  • Put Jio SIM inside your router.
  • Connect your mobile phone to JioFi wireless network.
  • Download Jio4gVoice app, which can be found in Google Play, and set up SIM. Then you should get message which contains OTP. Type this number to application. This action provides you to verify your SIM card.
  • Finally, you just need to activate SIM. Well done! You can do voice calls using this SIM card. Open application and type 1977 in dialing. Calling to this number provides you to talk with specialist from technician support of Jio customer service. Worker will ask you some questions about your personal information and, if you answer them, your SIM card will be activated soon.


It’s all. Now, you are happy owner of activated and verified SIM card, which provides you to do voice calls using Jio4gVoice app. It was really easy, as you may have noticed. Thank you for reading this article!