Three devices to extend your WiFi reach

Desktops, laptops, and even mobile devices benefit greatly from the introduction of WiFi routers. It made it possible to access the internet without having to rely on the ethernet cable. Thus, you can bring your computer anywhere in the house and still have internet access. However, WiFi routers have limited coverage. 

If your household is large enough that this becomes a problem, then you should consider buying a repeater, booster, or extender. All three of them serve to widen WiFi coverage but with a few fundamental differences in how they work. Here’s what you need to know about them:

WiFi repeaters

The repeater is considered the most standard device for extending WiFi coverage. It’s a device that captures the original internet signal within the WiFi’s range then rebroadcasts it to its vicinity. Repeaters are usually the cheapest option and are noted for being easy to set up so Jiofi.Local.HTML suggests choosing this for your home. However, the signal can weaken if repeated multiple times, reducing network performance. 

WiFi boosters

WiFi boosters amplify the signal from the router, allowing it to reach areas where it struggled because of an obstruction like a thick wall. It can also widen the signal coverage but the quality will still be reduced if the device connected to it is outside the router’s real range. Thus, it is mostly useful in closed spaces where obstacles are the only reason for internet inaccessibility. It’s also typically the most expensive out of these three options. 

WiFi extenders

A WiFi extender is the most effective at extending the reach of internet access from the router. It works similarly to the repeater because it also fundamentally repeats the existing signal but it also creates a new network. This gives users the option of choosing where to connect, thereby avoiding far-away WiFi sources. Extenders are more effective in office setups to better manage every device connected to the internet but it’s still prone to losing network quality the farther it is from the router. 


A WiFi repeater and WiFi extender both work as new access points for devices to connect to the internet on behalf of the main router. The only difference that the former still identifies as the main source while the latter creates a new account you have to sign in to. WiFi boosters, on the other hand, aim to improve the existing access points for users that are already within the main source’s reach. 

All three can serve the same purpose you need if you’re struggling to find a proper WiFi signal. You just need to choose between which one is more user-friendly or what fits your situation at home better. There are different models and brands that offer varying qualities of each type of device, giving you plenty of options to choose from. Sometimes, the router is just faulty which can happen and will require replacement of the device rather than buying a repeater. 

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