JioFi: Qualities to consider when buying a new router

If you’re not incredibly tech-savvy, choosing a wireless router in India may feel like an overwhelming task. To make things even more complicated, manufacturers would often use terms and acronyms you’re not entirely familiar with. Their marketing language is often misleading and unrelatable, making you question how to resolve your issues on your own. The price tag and brand name aren’t exactly much of big help, so how can you choose a device as a beginner?

Now that the Internet has become a necessity in India, it becomes a requirement for everyone to stay connected. And if you’re a person who has to work from home, then this guide might just do the trick. Check out the qualities you need to consider when purchasing a router:


You won’t be informed of the real-life speed you get if you just read the specifications of a wireless router. Instead, you’ll just see theoretical numbers that are measured by a specialist that may not be understood by a common buyer in India. 

This is why we highly recommend that you read reviews on the Internet. Make sure that you find user reviews made by specialists to verify if the router is reliable when it comes to speed. For instance, you may find publications that test routers to other decides to exactly measure their speed. 

As a user, you’ll be spending your hard-earned money so you should make sure you get the most out of it. 

Simple set-up and configuration

The thought of setting up a router at home on your own seems mind-boggling. You imagine that these things are usually done by someone with a degree in network engineering, so it makes sense that you feel intimidated. Fortunately, you can find routers that have easy setup and configuration.

The setup process should be straightforward. You should just plug in your router, access a panel control, set a password and make key configuration to make it functional. Once you’re done, connecting your devices to the Internet should be easy. That way, you’d dodge complicated steps in the process.

Also, you can check out JioFi on how to set up your routers.

Parental controls

This feature is highly recommended for parents who want to make sure their children don’t have access to specific websites. Router-based parental controls can make it easier for you since the advantage of smart digital parenting is built directly into the hardware.

With parental controls, you have to option to monitor your child’s activity or halt the internet connection when it’s time for school work. This also gives you the freedom to customise the controls for various user profiles without affecting your kid’s offline time.

For more information on how to buy a router, stay tuned here at JioFi!

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