Jio-Fi: 5 interesting facts about Wi-Fi

WiFi was invented in September 1997 and has since been a key factor in breaking boundaries to allow people all over the world to connect regardless of distance. More than connectivity, it also brings opportunities for progress across different industries.

If you want to find out more about WiFi since its conception, JioFi has listed 5 interesting facts about the technology which you can read below.

The word Wi-Fi isn’t short for anything

Although the term Wi-fI sounds like an official tech term, it is believed to be derived from a campaign by a marketing firm where they refer to the word ‘Wireless Fidelity’. It was intended to be a user-friendly term for the technology known as IEEE 802.11.

IEEE, is an acronym for the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. Not very marketable, is it? Thus, the term Wi-Fi was born.

Free wifi for all from space

In 2015, a non-profit organization from the United States intended to give the world free Wi-Fi access through a satellite referred to as ‘Outernet’. The plan didn’t come to fruition and there’s no sign that the NGO that conceptualized it plans to continue with the project.

A small country in Europe has the fastest Wi-Fi

Liechtenstein is a country in Europe considered to be the sixth smallest country in the world with about thirty-eight thousand inhabitants. It is also the country with the fastest Wi-Fi in the world with an average of 229.98 Mbps broadband speed.

Microsoft’s iLoo

Back in 2003, Microsoft had the plan to bring Wi-Fi straight to your bathroom with the project called iLoo. It was described as a portable toilet that has a wireless broadband network. In theory, it would also have an adjustable plasma screen, wireless keyboard, and a speaker. 

The project was announced by MSN UK on April 30, 2003. As you can imagine, it received public ridicule and was believed to be a hoax. The following month, Microsoft sent out a press release to clarify that it was not a hoax and that they decided to cancel the project.

Dog poop for free Wi-Fi

An internet company in Mexico called Terra collaborated with an advertising company in 2012 to install Wi-Fi devices in several parts of the city called  ‘Poo Wi-Fi’. Pet owners can bring dog waste to the stand and it will be weighed to determine how many minutes of Wi-Fi access they’ll receive.

Though largely meant to advertise the internet company, it was also an initiative to make pet owners pay better attention to their pet’s faeces and clean them up instead of leaving them behind. 

The possibilities are endless with the internet

Society has progressed significantly over the two decades since Wi-Fi became accessible to the public. It has spurred innovations across the globe that has allowed people to connect across boundaries and increase opportunities for wealth.

When you look at the list we’ve provided, sometimes innovations with the help of Wi-Fi can be a hit or miss but they’re no less interesting to hear about. If you want to remain updated about all things tech and the beauty of Wi-Fi technology in particular, then visit JioFi Local HTML for regular updates in the industry.

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